Clean off smudges and spots using a microfiber cloth (like the pouch your pair came in). Household cleaners and lens cleaners are no-no!

Taking a dip in the pool or the ocean? No problem, just ensure after you hop out, gently rinse your sunglasses with tap water, then dry them.

When you’re not wearing them, pop your sunglasses into a protective pouch to keep them safe. The world can be a dangerous place for a pair of bare sunglasses.

No one likes a hot car,including your sunnies. Extended time in an overheated vehicle can potentially damage the lenses of your sunglasses.

Sun protection is a great idea! Getting sunscreen on your lenses is a bad idea.

Your sunnies like having fun too ... bring them along for a good time. If things get too wild, we’ll always be here should you need another pair.