Premiums Sport - Venus Flytrap

Inspired by the Dionaea muscipula that grow in wetlands along the East Coast, the Venus Flytrap Premiums Sport take the beauty out of the bog, so to speak. A vibrant front frame fades from bright green to deep fuchsia, while a curious little stem winds its way down each arm towards dark green tips. Polarized fuchsia lenses (complete with a housefly lens etch), magenta rubber nose pads, and deep green K logos round out this colorful pair for a look that’s just as appropriate in the garden as it is for a walk through the city.

Designed on our best-selling frame style, the Premiums Sport are form-fitting, universally flattering, provide full UV400 sun protection, and feature embedded rubber nose pads to reduce slip, slide, and bounce. Every pair comes with a Venus flytrap protective pouch and a numbered edition card.

  • Vibrant green to pink fade on front frame
  • Winding stem on each arm
  • Polarized fuchsia lenses
  • Housefly lens etch
  • Magenta rubber nose pads
  • Deep green K logos
  • Numbered edition card
  • Venus flytrap microfiber protective pouch
  • Impact resistant lenses with full UV400 protection